Bill Murray Slept Through His Own Lifetime Achievement Award Press Conference

The actor was meant to talk ahead of the Rome Film Festival award ceremony
Bill Murray Slept Through His Own Lifetime Achievement Award Press Conference
Over the weekend, Bill Murray was meant to give a press conference at Rome Film Festival ahead of an awards ceremony where he was to receive his lifetime achievement award. Only one problem, the actor was busy catching up on his beauty sleep and missed the conference entirely.

On Saturday (October 19), 69-year-old Murray was supposed to have a long day scheduled, but as The Hollywood Reporter points out, he failed to make it to the press conference, where he was to address the media before the awards ceremony. But maybe it's not all that surprising considering his history of getting a little sleepy

Luckily, though, Murray did make it to the second half of the day to receive the actual award at the festival's Close Encounters panel — presented by his longtime friend and collaborator, director Wes Anderson.

During the ceremony Anderson had plenty of reminiscing to do about his time working with Murray. He recalled a time working on the set of their first film together.

"I had the first opportunity of actually shooting a scene with Bill Murray just a few days after we met," Anderson said at the ceremony. "At some point, during a short break, a group of my old classmates came to see me and while I was greeting them, Bill appeared [in the hedges]. Through these bushes he emerged. I didn't really know him. I said 'Do you want to meet my friends?' He said, 'OK, do you want to meet mine?' He motioned back toward the bushes as a group of 10 to 12 men came scrambling out behind him dressed in business suits." 

Anderson continued the tale, "They were the salesmen from a Jaguar car dealership around the corner where Bill had gone in between takes. Somehow he had gone for a test drive and he came back with the entire sales force. I think they probably didn't meet their quota of selling Jaguars that week, but I wouldn't be stunned if at least one or two of them made some big changes in his life right then, and maybe stopped selling Jaguars and did something else. I know that happens because it happened to me."

Anderson and Murray worked on a number of films together including Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and Rushmore.

During the ceremony, Frances McDormand also made a surprise appearance to congratulate Murray — and as far as we know, he stayed awake throughout the whole thing.

The two will work together again for their upcoming film The French Dispatch, due sometime in 2020.