​Eugene Levy Gave Hamilton a Shout-Out During the SAG Awards

​Eugene Levy Gave Hamilton a Shout-Out During the SAG Awards
The Screen Actors Guild Awards took place on Sunday evening (January 19), and while Brad and Jen may have stolen the spotlight, Eugene Levy nevertheless did an honourable job of shouting out his hometown of Hamilton in the opening bit.
Following Christina Applegate and Cynthia Erivo in an opening number about actors' origin stories, Levy went on a rambling tale about a guy in town who got his big break in a toilet paper commercial.
"I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which was the Pittsburgh of the north," he started, as one guy in the back of the venue cheered. "Big steel town. The most popular actor to come out of my hometown was the guy who did all the toilet paper commercials years ago, the guy who played Mr. Wimble."
Levy went on to talk about how everyone in town would imitate the commercials to Mr. Wimble's dismay.
He continued to ramble until his son and Schitt's Creek co-star Dan Levy tapped him on the shoulder and told him to stop.
Watch the opening bit below.
It will make you roll your eyes, but at least Levy was kinder to Hamilton than Def Leppard.