Helena Deland and Ouri Detail Debut Album as Hildegard

Hear the newly shared "Jour 1" from the self-titled effort
Helena Deland and Ouri Detail Debut Album as Hildegard
After recently sharing "Jour 2" as Hildegard, Helena Deland and Ouri have officially announced their debut album. Hildegard will release their self-tiled album on June 4 via Chivi Chivi/section1.

The record will contain "Jour 2," as well as seven more "Jour" titles. This includes "Jour 1," which has arrived today alongside a new video. According to the Montreal-based duo, the track is "about processing by partying, and the clarity that sometimes comes with it."

Of Hildegard as a whole, a press release states the following:

The eight tracks on Hildegard fuse together into a sonic sphere, and are named for each day Deland and Ouri spent together. Deland's folk background balances against Ouri's nocturnal world of electronic and dance music. Two figures find space to meet, somewhere between light and dark, liquid and solid, heaven and earth. They weave in and out of each other. Weightless vocals and aphoristic lyrics hover over kinetic beats and throbbing bass. The meeting place sounds something like dusk, or dawn.

Last year, Deland released debut full-length Someone New, which Exclaim! named one of the 50 Best Albums of 2020.

Earlier this month, Ouri shared new song "Too Fast No Pain," which follows 2020's "Shape of It."

Watch the "Jour 1" video down below.


1. Jour 1
2. Jour 2
3. Jour 3
4. Jour 4
5. Jour 5
6. Jour 6
7. Jour 7
8. Jour 8