Weezer Officially Release New Single "Tell Me What You Want"

Their song from 'Wave Break' is coming to vinyl
Weezer Officially Release New Single 'Tell Me What You Want'
Weezer's epic 2021 continues. Following the return-to-form albums OK Human and Van Weezer, the power-pop vets have now officially released their new song "Tell Me What You Want" on streaming services and vinyl.

The song comes from the video game Wave Break, and having premiered the song live at Summer Game Fest, they've now shared the official version of the tune. With a crunchy swing groove and rather dated lyrics that mock snobby rock critics — 2005 called and wants its punching bag back — the song resembles something that could have appeared on this year's headbanging Van Weezer. Of course, the harmony-soaked chorus is classic Weezer, making for a nice continuation of the current Weezaissance.

Hear "Tell Me What You Want" below.

The single is coming to so-called "melted popsicle" coloured 7-inch vinyl. It's coming out through iam8bit and features what a press release calls a "screen-printed wave" on the B-side. The vinyl won't ship until Q4 of 2021, but it's available to pre-order here.